File Upload

If you have your print ready artwork or an example file that you would like us to use in order to create your artwork, then you will need to transfer it to us so that we can work on it. 


Please make sure that you clearly state your company name and invoice number when you send any files to us. We will not be held responsible for files without this information.


Depending on the size of your file you may need to use alternative transfer methods. If you have one or multiple files that are less than a total 10mb then most email exchanges will let you email them direct to us. You can do this by using the ‘add attachment’ option on your email sending page or outlook / thunderbird application etc. You should send the files to

artwork clearly stating your company name and invoice number.


If your file is more than 10mb or has failed to transfer via the ‘add attachment’ email process then you may need to consider an FTP or third party file sharing website.


Our customers have used MediaFire® which offers a free 200mb limit file transfer service and have found them to be helpful. However as we are not directly affiliated with the companies we cannot be held responsible for them.


upload artwork using MediaFire