Proof Approval

This section explains the proof approval procedure. For information on ‘what is a proof’ please click here

A proof will not reflect the true quality or actual colours of the final print, although we will try our best to match as close as possible. The aim of an email proof is to provide the customer a final opportunity to check all spelling, layout, grammar and positioning of content and bleed. It will also provide an approximation to colours.

We always send a proof for approval to our customers prior to production. This can either be in the form of an email attachment, or printed onto paper.

Email Proof

An email proof is available to all our customers free of charge and is sent in low resolution to keep the file size to a minimum. We will endeavour to send you an email proof within 24 hours of your artwork being completed.

Paper Proof

This option is not as popular as our email proof as it is chargeable and can delay the production process due additional courier times. However, some of people prefer this option if they cannot access emails regularly, would like to show other people who do not have a computer, or would prefer a tangible copy, and other various reasons… 

We can print and deliver paper proofs at £1.25 for the first A4 sheet and £0.75 per additional sheet of A4 paper for the same order. This will include 1st Class Standard Delivery from Royal Mail. If you would like to collect your paper proof in person then it will cost a flat rate of £1 per A4 sheet and £0.50 per additional sheet.  Please note that the paper proof may not be printed on exactly the same paper as the final print.