Start Printing

After you have accepted your proof then your artwork is pushed to our production queue. 

Our production queues are prioritised in different ‘service type’ categories and your printing will be completed according to the service type you chose upon placing your order.

For more information on our service types please click here

Once your proof has been accepted then you have entered a binding contract for production. We cannot amend, modify or replace anything regardless of whether your item has been printed or not as this will affect our entire production queue.

It is strictly advised that you always clarify your chosen service type and delivery times, plus check your proof accurately prior to approving for production.

Other than that, at this stage you just wait for either your item to be delivered, or a collection email or telephone call. If you have not received your order and it has been past your stipulated timeframe then you may call us on 01733 688 128 to discuss the matter with one of our representatives.