Coronavirus Essential Support and Safety Products

Simply choose your category, and download the template below. Edit if you wish, then choose your product, and upload the file back to our site. You can use the existing design, or tweak to suit your individual branding.

Social Distancing
Roller Banners

We recommend one at the entrance to your premises and anywhere there is enough space to safely move around.

Social Distancing
Display Boards

We recommend one highlighting your policy prior to entering the premises and regularly throughout.
Printed Bollard Covers

Social Distancing
Bollard Covers

We recommend one covering
each bollard around your store.

Social Distancing
PVC Banner

We recommend one of these every 2 meters.

Queueing A-Frames

Show people where the queue starts with this template. We recommend one per queue. If you have long queues, we recommend one every 50meters.

One-Way System
in Operation Poster

If your a retailer operating a one-way system, we recommend two
A2 posters at every entrance.

Contactless Payment Only
Strut Cards

Keep your staff safer, and card machines cleaner with less interaction. We recommend one per checkout.
Vinyl Floor Stickers

One-Way System in Operation
Floor Stickers

Operating a one-way system? Make use of these to show the way. We recommend one every two metres.

Social Distancing
Floor Stickers

Keep your customer informed as they walk around your store. We recommend one every two metres.
Printed Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards

Protect your staff and prevent the spread of coronavirus with our correx sneeze cards. We recommend one per checkout.