Coronavirus Essential Support and Safety Products

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Face Visors

Face Visors
Without Foam Headband​

Made from PVC these face visors create a barrier from person to person. We recommend one per person, changing when required.
Face Visor with Foam Headband

Face Visors
with a Foam Headband

These PVC visors come with a foam headband for added comfort. We recommend one per person, changing when required.

Hygiene Roller Banner

These can be used to inform staff and customers of up-to-date guidance. We recommend one in staff rooms and one in every high footfall area of business premises.

Do Not Visit Poster

Display these outside premises
to advise people of circumstances surrounding venturing out when self-isolating. We recommend two posters per door.

Wash Your Hands Signs

Advise staff to wash their hands as they arrive with these posters. We recommend one at every entry point.

How to Handwash Poster

Guide your workers to wash their hands the correct way. We recommend an A3 poster at every wash basin.

How to Handrub Poster

Ensure hands are kept clean. We recommend one of these at every hand sanitiser station.

If You Have Symptoms Poster

Inform staff on what steps to take if they have symptoms. We recommend an A1 poster in high footfall areas.

Do Not Touch Your Face Poster

Help staff keep more control of their hands with these coronavirus safety reminder posters. We recommend one of these in all staff areas.

Do Not Touch Your Face Poster

If your client is testing temperatures upon arrival to work, use one of these to showcase this. We recommend one station per 25 team members.

Temperature Testing
Tent Card

These sit neatly on your table-tops and are ideal for transforming a standard desk. We recommend one of these at every temperature testing station.