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Home Printing SPOT UV - Shine your design!

SPOT UV – Shine your design!


As you may have heard the words “Spot UV” and where wandering what is all the craze about. Well here we will explain what this brilliant new technique is, and how it can make your print designs look extra special.

What is Spot UV?

Well before you understand what Spot UV is, you will first need to understand how UV coating works.

Typically, a UV coating method consists of printed sheets being fed through the rollers of a UV coater, which simultaneously drench them with UV coated varnish to cover the entire sheets. After the sheets are coated, they are then fed further under UV and Infra Red lamps that instantly dry the sheets and give them a beautiful glossy finish.

Spot UV uses a very similar process. But rather than the UV coating being drenched all over the printed sheets, it is distributed cleverly through a film with die-cut markings. This process ensures that only the selective parts that you want are glossy, as opposed to the entire sheet.
And from this method, you have a beautiful, and selectively coated product, that stands out from all the others.

Why Spot UV?

Spot UV undoubtedly gives your printed business cards, folders and postcards a truly elegant look and feel. It bonds a relationship with your eyes and the light, giving your printed products an extra shine when you look at it from different angles. When you combine Spot UV with Matt lamination you get an even more special look and feel. This is because part of the printed product is smooth and without glare, whilst the other ‘selective part’ is glossy and partially reflective. End result, an ultimate contrast of smooth, silky, and selectively shiny.

How to create Spot UV artwork?

When you are creating a print ready file for spot uv printing, the artwork has to be made in a specific way. You can either create 2 pdf files, one with the design and the other with the spot uv layer correctly positioned in the areas you want the spot UV to be placed. Or you can create a multiple page PDF where you are placing separate layers (preferably a spot magenta) so they are clearly differentiated from the printed artwork.

We create Spot UV artwork for FREE!

If you print your Spot UV products with Print Papa, and we are doing your design for you, then we will add the spot UV layers for free. Simply speak to one of our staff members and they will be happy to assist you. All our artwork designers are trained on creating Spot UV files, and they are ready to take on your next project.

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